Welcome to Specialbike

We are the UK's premier custom bike creation and rejuvenation workshop.

We've been building one-of-a-kind bicycles, which are exactly what their owners desire, since 2006.

Every Specialbike is unique, built to order according to your wishes. It is the total opposite of an off-the-shelf, mass-produced bike bought in a shop. We can take a bike you already have that has fallen on hard times or we can start with just a blank piece of paper and an idea.

What is a Specialbike?

A Specialbike is a brand new bike created from an existing bike or frame.

At the heart of every bike is a frame. We take a pre-loved bike, strip it down to the frame, have the frame blasted and powder coated and then build a new bike around the restored frame. The possible transformations are amazing and the finished product is quite literally superb.

We can create for you any style of bike, with a potentially limitless combination of components and accessories. Would you like more gears? Fewer gears? Uber comfortable and upright? Fast and light? Coloured spokes? We love to build unique bikes that are exactly what their owners desire. The only restrictions on the bike we can build for you are your budget and your imagination.

We're not bike snobs either. Over the years we've built pretty much everything: cruisers, tourers, road and mountain bikes, single speeds, fixies, shoppers, children's bikes... the list goes on.

There is a lot of detailed information on this website, but a picture says a thousand words and as such the galleries best illustrate what we do.