Specialbikes are not cheap. If they were then they wouldn't be very special. However, they aren't prohibitively expensive either. Each one takes many hours to create - see the process page for full details - and the price reflects this.

The cost breaks down like this:

  • We charge £150 in labour for the whole process
  • Blasting and coating the frame currently costs £90
  • All that remains is the cost of the parts

If we are building you a Specialbike from scratch (i.e you're not providing a donor bike) then you can expect to spend a minimum of £500.

We build our Specialbikes by hand, one at a time, using parts bought in small quantities or in some cases individually, specifically for the bike. This means that we do not gain the economies of scale of large companies who mass-produce bikes in factories. As such, our bikes do not compete on price with similarly-equipped mass-produced bikes. Where we do compete is on the quality of both our service and the finished product. And for many of our customers the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind bike built to their own specification is in fact priceless.