About Us

Specialbike is a sister business to South Coast Bikes, Brighton and Hove's award-winning bicycle servicing and repairs workshop.

Specialbike started as just an idea, a way to generate some extra work in the quieter winter months whilst at the same time reusing some of the excellent quality bike frames that so many people have and yet are unaware of their potential.

We launched in November 2006 with our first web site (now happily consigned to history), a superb press release (read it here) and a very pleasing celebrity endorsement - thanks Norm (pictures below).

Since then we've produced a steady number of Specialbikes, delighting many people with the transformations that we've achieved for them. With the move to our new workshop in March 2010 and now the launch of this our new website, we're looking forward to creating many more unique one-of-a-kind bikes that are exactly what their owners desire.