Is a Specialbike for you?

A Specialbike is not for everyone. Each one is totally individual and takes a considerable amount of time and labour to create, and the cost reflects this. A loose comparison would be with the difference between having a suit, piece of jewelery or item of furniture made made for you, as opposed to going to a shop and buying one of the shelf.

If you:

  • would like a bike that is exactly what you desire and unique to you
  • want something different to a mass-produced and retailed bike
  • perhaps have a bike that you love and feel very comfortable with but that has fallen on hard times
  • recognise that you get what you pay for

...then a Specialbike might be just right for you.

However, If you:

  • spend lots of time scouring the Internet to find a particular brand and model of bike at the very lowest price, or...
  • are looking for a 'cheap' second hand bike, or...
  • want the highest possible spec components for the lowest price, or...
  • have a big list of wants and wishes but a tiny budget

...then a Specialbike is probably not for you.